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Educational Advisory Committee

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Identifier: 2016-021

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Digitized audio recordings of 1966 or 1967 Educational Advisory Committee meeting at Hampshire College recorded by Tom Fels. Files were digitized by Fels, and sent via email to President Jonathan Lash, who forwarded files to library. Downloaded by Jennifer King on 7/13/2016. Files stored on dark archive on patterson in accessions. Here is the text of the email that accompanied transfer: Jon — I think the year was 1966, or perhaps 1967. Hampshire was in its planning stages. As a current Amherst student I got myself invited to a meeting of the new institution’s Educational Advisory Committee, which was convening at the college and sounded very interesting. Its members included luminaries from the academic world. As an activist of the time who had already been involved in social change and the questioning of academic practices at Amherst, getting a view into planning for the future of progressive education had great appeal. I did attend the all-morning meeting. The subject was how and whether to incorporate a school of language into the structure of the college. My memory was that I said a few words at one point, but was for most of the time intimidated by the intensity of the presence of these experts. Somehow I ended up with the live tapes of this session. I’ve been keeping them carefully ever since. I had hoped to give them to you earlier, but it has taken much longer than I imagined to have them digitized for use today. When I get them back I’ll send them to you as a gift to the college. For now, they have just become available in digital form, so here they are. It’s an interesting discussion, if lengthy, as befits the academics behind it. It’s definitely a time capsule of such discussions, and I would think would be of interest to anyone following developments in education or the origins of the college. It’s also a nice record of these well known figures in a relatively relaxed setting. The surprise to me was that the last hour seems to be devoted to discussing my own youthful views of the matter. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions, but I will say that though one can catch the gist, I was probably not clear enough and my listeners for the most part not very sympathetic. But this was the mid-sixties when things were changing, so it’s actually something of a bellwether of things to come. — — — The files: To access these just click on the link or put them into your browser. You should be able to save them as well. There are three sets of files: Raw WAV files of the original transfers Access Copy (master) WAV files that include: hum removal loudness leveling spectral cleaning / noise reduction Access Copy (distribution MP3 files that are copies of the above WAV files. I listened to the distribution MP3 files, but the others will be of interest to the college’s archivist. — — — Regards from VT and memory lane -- Tom F.

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  • 1966 or 1967