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Mount Holyoke College Manuscript Collections

Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 358 Collections and/or Records:

Harrison papers

Identifier: MS 0763
Abstract Harrison, Anna Jane, 1912-1998; Chemist and college teacher. Mount Holyoke College faculty member, 1945-1979. Papers consist of American Chemical Society records, subject files about Mount Holyoke containing correspondence, publications, reports, and minutes, writings, letters, memorabilia, biographical information and photographs. Primarily documenting her work in various science organizations and her travels to India and Japan as a representative for these organizations.
Dates: 1854-1999; Majority of material found within 1938 - 1999

Hartwell papers

Identifier: MS 0761
Abstract Hartwell, Hannah Louisa Plimpton Peet, 1823-1908; Teacher and missionary. Mount Holyoke Female Seminary graduate, 1848. Papers contain four volumes of journals and notebooks, correspondence, Plimpton family correspondence, biographical information and a photograph.
Dates: 1847 - 1909; Majority of material found within 1850 - 1871

Haynes papers

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: MS 0807
Abstract Haynes, Frances E., 1870-1958; librarian. Mount Holyoke College graduate, 1895. Papers consist of correspondence, a commonplace book, an account book, memorabilia, biographical information, and photographs. The collection relates primarily to her work as Mount Holyoke College Assistant Librarian, 1901-1936, with special emphasis on the 1935 Library expansion. Correspondence includes a letter from Edith M. Coon describing her work at Women's Christian College in Madras and letters regarding the...
Dates: 1894-1958

Helen Brainerd Lay bookplate collection

Identifier: MS 0048
Abstract Lay, Helen Brainerd; Librarian. Mount Holyoke Female Seminary graduate, 1887. Papers consist of a collection of book-plates designed and engraved by her brother-in-law, Edwin Davis French. Other material consists of the work of Cleora Wheeler, Octave Uzanne, K. Nakata and Yumimaro Ohmori. The correspondence is between Helen Brainerd Lay, Mount Holyoke College librarians, and book-plate engravers and other collectors. Also contains some periodicals, catalogs, advertisements and supplementary...
Dates: ca. 1893-1929

Helen L. Belcher papers

 Collection — Box 1: [Barcode: Helen L. Belcher Papers]
Identifier: MS 0825
Abstract Belcher, Helen Loring Barnes, 1887-1979; teacher and housewife. Mount Holyoke College graduate, 1909. Papers contain a scrapbook, course records, postcards, a marriage announcement, obituaries, and photographs. Primarily concerning her academic and social activities as a Mount Holyoke student.
Dates: ca. 1905-1979

Helen M. French Gulliver papers

 Collection — Box 1: [Barcode: Biographical Files: Whitman, Mary C. - Mead, Elizabeth Storrs], Folder: French, Helen M. (5)
Identifier: MS 0868
Abstract Gulliver, Helen M. French, 1832-1909; teacher and college principal. Mount Holyoke Female Seminary graduate, 1857, teacher, 1857-1872, and Principal, 1867-1872. Papers consist of correspondence, biographical information, and photographs of her. The materials concern both her personal life and her work at Mount Holyoke.
Dates: 1867-1909

Helfman papers

Identifier: MS 0620
Abstract Helfman, Elizabeth Wentworth Seaver, 1911- ; Author and teacher. Mount Holyoke College graduate, 1933. Papers contain correspondence, journal, diary, and writings. Primarily documenting her thoughts, social activities and relationships with friends and family. Also includes her book entitled, "This hungry world."
Dates: 1927-1979

Herron papers

Identifier: MS 0548
Abstract Herron, Mary Louise Browning 1834-1863; Missionary and Teacher. Attended Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, 1855. The papers contain correspondence, family material, biographical material and a published letter. The letters are. The papers primarily document missionary life in India. The collection also includes some family materials written after her death discussing family issues.
Dates: 1849-1886; Majority of material found within 1855 - 1863

Herzig papers

Identifier: MS 0794
Abstract Herzig, Helene Joy Phillips, 1927- ; student. Mount Holyoke College graduate, 1949. Papers consist of course work, correspondence, financial records, memorabilia, biographical information and photographs; principally pertaining to her academic studies at Mount Holyoke.
Dates: 1945 - 1986; Majority of material found within 1945 - 1949

Holmes papers

Identifier: MS 0714
Abstract Holms, Sarah Elizabeth Arny, 1906-; Student. Mount Holyoke College Graduate, 1928. The collection consists of correspondence, biographical information, and photographs. The collection primarily documents her life as a student at Mount Holyoke College coving both social life and traditions and academic life.
Dates: 1924-1935

Hooker papers

Identifier: MS 0725
Abstract Hooker, Henrietta Edgecomb, 1851-1929; Botanist and college teacher. Mount Holyoke Female Seminary graduate, 1873. Mount Holyoke College faculty member, 1873-1908. Papers consist of correspondence, writings, magazine and newspaper articles, and photographs. Primarily documenting her work as a professor at Mount Holyoke College and her hobby raising Buff Orpington chickens.
Dates: 1873-1942; Majority of material found within 1884 - 1927

Horner papers

Identifier: MS 0549
Abstract Horner, Joyce Mary, 1903-1980; Writer and college teacher. Mount Holyoke College faculty member, 1944-1969. Papers include journals, correspondence, writings, reviews of her novels, records from English courses, biographical information and photographs. Chiefly documenting her academic career and publications.
Dates: ca. 1880-1987

Howe papers

Identifier: MS 0610
Abstract Howe, Edith Morton Packard, 1893-1927; student. Attended Mount Holyoke College, 1893-1896. Papers contain correspondence, clippings, and a photograph documenting primarily her daily activities and special events while a student at Mount Holyoke.
Dates: 1893-1927

Hugh Thomson sketches

 Collection — Manuscripts (not separately boxed) - 1
Identifier: MS 0045
Abstract Thomson, Hugh, 1860-1920; Illustrator. Two original pencil drawings from the Highways and Byways series.
Dates: 1913, 1919

Huguenot Seminary papers

 Collection — Box 1-2
Identifier: MS 0550
Abstract Huguenot College. Founded as Huguenot Seminary in Wellington, Cape Colony (South Africa), 1874. Papers consist of notebooks, catalogs, brochures, publications, clippings, and photographs of the Seminary. Primarily documenting the involvement of Mount Holyoke graduates, Abbie Ferguson, Mount Holyoke Female Seminary graduate, 1856, and Anna Bliss, Mount Holyoke Female Seminary graduate, 1862, in the founding of the school.
Dates: 1874-1978

Hyslop correspondence

Identifier: MS 0553
Abstract Hyslop, Beatrice Fry, 1899-1973; Historian. Mount Holyoke College graduate, 1919. Mount Holyoke College faculty member, 1926-1928. Papers consist of correspondence to Helen M. Voorhees; primarily documenting her experience as a history professor and describing her research in France between 1931 and 1952.
Dates: ca. 1921-1969; Majority of material found within 1931 - 1952

Indenture: between Samuel Sheafe, Joseph Caryll and Stephen Foster (1st part), Alexander Merreall (2nd part) and John Applebee (3rd part)

 Item — Box 1: [Barcode: Applebee contract]
Identifier: MS 0034
Abstract A 1715 release from Samuel Sheafe to John Applebee of 13 messuages in Southwark, England (now part of London). The contract was executed to settle debts owed following the bankruptcy of Alexander Merreall of London. Also named in the contract are the member of the King's Majesty's Commission who oversaw the bankrupcy and the tenants of the messuages.
Dates: Dec. 31, 1715

Instituto Internacional (International Institute for Girls in Spain) records

 Collection — Box 1-2
Identifier: MS 0554
Abstract International Institute for Girls in Spain. Founded in Santander, Spain, 1877. Papers include brochures, pamphlets, annual reports, and other materials about the institution. Primarily documenting the work of Alice Gordon Gulick, Mount Holyoke Female Seminary graduate, 1867, in founding the school.
Dates: 1891-1949

Ipswich Female Seminary collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MS 0556
Abstract Ipswich Female Seminary. Founded in Ipswich, Massachusetts in 1828. Papers consist of catalogues, circulars and announcements, administrative and regulatory documents, records for the Society for the Education of Females, correspondence, ceremonial records, published materials, and photographs documenting primarily the philosophies of the school, the activities of students and teachers, and the administrative work of Zilpah P. (Grant) Banister and Mary Lyon.
Dates: 1828 - 1875; Majority of material found within 1828 - 1875

Ireland-Frey correspondence

Identifier: MS 0557
Abstract Ireland-Frey, Louise Myrth, 1912- ; Doctor and housewife. Mount Holyoke College M.A., 1936. Papers consist of letters written to her family; primarily describing her experience as an assistant in the Zoology Department at Mount Holyoke as well as her social activities and the behavior of colleagues and students.
Dates: 1934-1936

Irene H. Yuan An unfinished story : 1982 Oct. 21

 Collection — M.A. Biographical Files 1980-, Folder: Yuan, Irene H.E. 1982
Identifier: MS 0605
Abstract Yuan, Irene He, 1949-1983; Graduate student. Attended Mount Holyoke College, 1980-1982. Papers contain an unfinished autobiography comparing her life in China and the United States as well as her struggle with cancer. Title transcribed.
Dates: 1982-1983

Irving, Washington, letter to Julia Sanders

 Collection — Manuscripts (not separately boxed) - 1
Identifier: MS 0002
Abstract Irving, Washington, 1783-1859. Letter to Julia Sanders written in April 1854 describing a journey his nephew and niece, Pierre and Helen Irving, took to North Carolina via Washington, D.C.
Dates: Apr. 3, 1854

Jackson papers

Identifier: MS 0558
Abstract Jackson, Elisabeth Averill, 1909-1991; Housewife. Mount Holyoke College graduate, 1931. Papers consist of journals, desk calendars, correspondence, evaluations, documents pertaining to her work as a reader for the Aspen Playwrights Conference, biographical information and photographs. Primarily documenting her reflections on her life as a wife and mother and her travels to Lebanon and Europe.
Dates: ca. 1928-1991

James Sleigh travel journal

 Collection — Manuscripts (not separately boxed) - 2
Identifier: MS 0856
Abstract Travel Journal and notebook belonging to James B. Sleigh, of Glasgow, Scotland. Contains account of trip from Jun 22-29th 1861 in Scottish mountains, as well as an accounting of costs from the trip and scraps of poetry. The narrative account describes includes train, boat, coach and foot travel from Loch Lommond to Ft. William, and to Oban. In addition, there is an account of walking up Ben Nevis.
Dates: June 1861

Jane Scudder correspondence

Identifier: MS 0638
Abstract Scudder, Jane, ca. 1828-1906; Student. Attended Mount Holyoke Female Seminary 1844-1846. Papers consist of 15 letters to her parents, primarily describing her life at Mount Holyoke.
Dates: 1844-1846; Majority of material found in 1845 - 1845

Janet Brown papers

Identifier: MS 0633
Abstract Brown, Janet Louise, b. 1930; student and child psychologist. Mount Holyoke College graduate, 1950. Papers contain correspondence to her parents and memorabilia (1946-1949) discussing her activities at Mount Holyoke with special notes on post-World War II politics.
Dates: 1946-1949

Janice Kidwell papers

Identifier: MS 0818
Abstract Kidwell, Janice Mary, 1930-1991; student. Mount Holyoke College graduate, 1952. Papers consist of correspondence, memorabilia, biographical information, photographs, and a photograph album; primarily concerning her activities as a student at Mount Holyoke, 1948-1952, including a spring vacation to Bermuda in 1951.
Dates: 1948-1991; Majority of material found within 1948 - 1952

Jean E. Taylor papers

Identifier: MS 0887
Abstract Jean E. Taylor is a 1966 graduate of Mount Holyoke College and former professor at Rutgers University. This collection includes correspondence, primarily written to her parents, as well as student work, biographical materials, and ephemera from the presidential election and inauguration of 1964/1965.
Dates: 1961-1966; Majority of material found within 1962 - 1966

Jean Grossholtz papers

Identifier: MS 0881
Abstract Grossholtz, (Thelma) Jean; political scientist and social activist; Mount Holyoke College politics professor, 1961-1999 and women's studies professor, 1991-2000. Correspondence, writings, subject files, committee records, course records, articles, drafts, publications, memorabilia, and audio visual materials relating to her teaching and social activism.
Dates: 1946 - 2019

Jeanne Pinard Bird papers

Identifier: MS 0551
Abstract Bird, Jeanne Yvonne Pinard, 1914-1953; Housewife. Mount Holyoke College graduate, 1935 and M.A., 1936. Papers consist of professional records, photographs, newspaper articles, a small watercolor, and a travel diary. Primarily focusing on her experiences while accompanying her husband in Europe at the beginning of World War II.
Dates: 1934-1953